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  1. Hi. Anyone have suggestisons for the memory disk for drone? I read somewhere not to use ScanDisk name brand. thanks
  2. Shield basic seems to be free offered by DJI.
  3. HI Reminder, make sure you register your activation for your drone for the Shield Basic coverage. There is a time limit. Business insurance. I saw something somewhere that had good coverage and only cost under $400 a year. Anyone have recommendations? I am searching at the moment.
  4. Hi What days and times are people thinking about being open?
  5. thanks I am not sure what market everyone is in. I am looking at a population of 3 million. I can see this possibky growing quickly. I don't want to get caught short handed.
  6. i am looking to start with one or two other pilots and hire more as business increases.
  7. Hi. I too am joining up with Drones Force. Excited to get started. Interested in knowing what missions everyone is really starting off with and how quickly missions are increasing in QTY and different types.