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  1. I'm not a photographer or a videographer, so the mesmerizing footage part of it is kinda secondary at this point. It is pretty thrilling to capture images from high altitude, that is for sure. I got the nerve to get 40m up today in my yard and got a pretty cool shot which I attached to my post. My first passion is being a musician, so perhaps I could combine the two and work toward capturing footage for a music video. You make a great point though regarding DJI vs. the others. Thanks for chiming in!
  2. Thank you for the welcome and your response. The more I research and mull it over, I think I'm going to take the approach you suggest. Actually, I had decided on that but I got so excited on how my A15H was performing that I couldn't help myself and took it to a high altitude that was frankly probably too high for it. You live and you learn. That will be my "fly through the trees" drone to get used to orienting as the drone changes direction and working on my FPV skills. As I research the high end "cheapie" brands, I find that the Mavic Mini isn't much more in addition, and it seems
  3. Hi! My boys who are 11 and 13 just started getting into flying drones and I decided to join in on the fun. It's been a lot of fun but finding models that don't break in 2 weeks has been a challenge. The brands that we have been flying have been Holy Stone and Snaptain. Fortunately Amazon has a very generous return policy. My older son (knock on wood) has had the best of luck with his Snaptain S5c and H10 (foldable mini drone). I went through 2 Snaptain SP650's, each with a motor that would stop working. I got a Snaptain S15H that flew away on me. My son will be on his 3rd Holy Stone HS