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  1. I don't have the 2, I have the Air 2 and I love my Lowepro DroneGuard BP250. It fits the entire flymore(3 batteries) combo and everything I need to fly as well as a hand held camcorder, 6 Gopros and some other accessories that I usually take with me as well as a pocket for both a tablet and a laptop together. It is also a well built backpack for the price I don't foresee any long term issues with it. It's got some good harder type padding as well, I wouldn't put a bunch of stuff on top of it, but we packed in in the truck with a beachbag on top of it and it didn't seem to hurt it at all.
  2. The Mavic Mini has FlySafe and is restricted by geo fencing, I live on a military base and can't even fly it in my own house due to this, as in I can not physically take off due to the GPS signal in the house. So you can't just fly it whereever you want, and you can't turn this off at all, there is no manual ATTI mode. There is a tinfoil hack, but you lose stability without GPS. As far as Part 107 licensing in order to profit from using the mini you would still be required to get licensed, just not have to register it with the FAA. I have been researching Part 107 licensing and one site specifically talked about the mini and the ability to use it for photography and making money.
  3. I am going to assume the answer is depends or no, but.. Can you recycle parts from old drones like a flight controller or ESCs? I know that I could use a flight controller from my phantom obviously, but one of the cheap kids toy drones, or are the majority of them single boards with a the components of the flight controller built into the board? One of the ones I'm looking at is a WLTOYS V262 UFO model, it looks like the Parrot AR2.0 and I haven't taken it apart yet, but the limited info online shows that it has a board with jumpers for motor connection and a jumper for the camera. So in essence would I be able to take this out, use a different camera, motors and battery an put it on a completely different frame? I understand the work involved, if possible, and I understand that I may be wasting my time, but I have it sitting in the garage doing nothing, no battery for it. I have a 3d printer for frame or parts. I don't really want to get it back up and working as is because I have much better drones and this was a $10 flea market buy that worked for a few days and died, but it might be fun to sit down with one of my kids and tinker. I've got some broken drones as well that have parts I'm going to salvage if I can, mainly the motors and batteries for testing and playing, but I wanted to see if anyone else had any luck with junk drones and building better? I see drone lots on eBay for cheap drones all the time and think maybe these could be upgraded, repurposed. Again I realize this may be a waste of time. I'm not trying to reinvent the drone, I'm not looking for a cheap alternative to a good drone and I'm not trying to build some great DIY build, I'm trying to learn on the cheap or free with stuff I've already got collecting dust if possible. I hate throwing out stuff like this. When I was a kid I used to take apart things to put into homemade cars, mostly just a battery to a motor and go, but now that I have a small understanding of RC I think this could be fun again.
  4. Hello all. Doing the newbie thing and checking in. I'm 43 and work Satellite Communications in the military and am stationed in Hawaii. My experience with drones is mainly as a tool in my videography belt. I like doing family adventure videos with GoPros and drone footage, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking. I have been flying since the Original DJI phantom 2 off and on and have the Phantom 2, the Mavic Mini, and the Mavic Air 2. I also have some mini drones like the tello and the mambo as well as some random cheap ones I've picked up along the way. I am looking into my Part 107 license, I may be able to test for free so that would be nice. Right now I've been on a minidrone kick I just ordered my second parrot mambo, this one with the PFV camera and have been reading up on FPV and DIY stuff. I am overwhelmed by all the information, but at the same time I find that there isn't exactly the information I am ever looking for and that is what let me to this sight somehow. One of my questions that brought me here is if recycling old cheap/inexpensive drones is possible, i.e. can I use a flight controller form a WLTOYS V262 UFO drone for a DIY project, does it even have a flight controller that isn't integrated and if so what about ESCs, etc... I know that I don't know much about this stuff, but have a knack for learning and may find the answers I don't want to hear and will change direction quickly. I'm also looking at getting some old parrot minidrones for cheap and play with programming and linux. I have a background in rebuilding computers, limited knowledge of Linux/Ubuntu, a lot of knowledge on repairing electronics, but not on how they actually work. A huge knowledge of communications and frequencies and severe ADHD that allows me to hyperfocus on something and learn it really well until I find boredom. Hopefully I will find some good answers here and maybe even be able to contribute back some of my knowledge and experience as I learn.