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  1. I do use it for as much as I can along with all the other cameras I have. I also have a mavic but the Phantom 4 is very nice. I think my favorite would be landscape and nature type stock footage. I am in Pennsylvania so we have some pretty beautiful country up here and the sun rise and sets can be really nice. Business has been tough with the pandemic. I also have a full time job running a video department for a corporation so finding time to shoot drone footage is hard. The pandemic made it even harder to find work. Stock footage though is a great way to get out and shoot and occasionally mak
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a new member however I am not new to drones. I used Drone Pilot Film School to get my FAA certification about a year or year and a half ago. I am a videographer specializing in everything from shooting to editing and everything in between. I shoot sporting events and use the Phantom 4 on live tv shoots along with real estate photography, how-to videos, stock video and soo much more. I wear so many hats and try to shoot as much as I possibly can everyday. Im excited to start digging into all the knowledge there is here!