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  1. Hello Charles and good to hear from you! I'm glad things are busy for you. That means more drones and parts are coming in as well! Your assignment in Brielle sounds like a very interesting one with doing waypoints at a single estate. It must be monster sized like you said. Let me know if you'll be anywhere near me this coming weekend or any other so we could possibly meet up. A Park sounds ideal since we could both fly something. I could bring my Tarantula X6 or something big and sporty for you to give a try on and something for myself as well. I'm glad to hear that I'm not too old to get into this kind of thing, and please give me a call if and when you would like to get together. I have my number in a prior post, but here it is again (215-493-1926). Very best regards, Joe Cro
  2. Hello Charles and Everyone, I hope life has been treating you well and that your Real Estate Photography business has been going well for you. I would think you may have a lot of new listings during the Summer in preparation for September when the school age children go back to school. Like I said, I hope business has been prosperous for you. The last post I made here has been back in March, 2016 when I was still very new to this hobby and still in the very beginnings of learning how to fly. Just to let you know I haven't lost interest, but rather am even more avid about UAV Piloting, etc than I was back in March. My interest and abilities are growing steadily. I try to practice outside every day I can and those days I can't I try to do a short practice or two indoors so I don;t get "rusty" - LOL! I'm, much better than I was in March, but still have a long way to go. At least I'm having some fun, and that is what I think it is all about.I believe the better I become as a UAV Pilot, the more fun I'm able to have since I try to translate any newly found abilities into more things I can do with my UAV. I'm still in the learning orientation mode and will stick with it until I am better at it. Maybe it's taking me a longer time to learn than others, but at 58 YO you do what you can. I still fly all brushed motored crafts, but am just about ready to take on one of the larger brushless motored intermediate level type UAV's I dream about owning. I hope to take the plunge into a brushless machine sometime in the not too distant future. Since I consider this to be a "real" interest and not just a passing phase, I think it will be money well spent. Besides, the more money spent on something usually the more features it has. I can only imagine what it is like to have a real onboard GPS, etc to do photography and other things with. I think it would only enhance ones' abilities to fly and also to do some terrific Amateur Photography with. If you ever go to the Park you mentioned before, or are in the immediate vicinity, let me know and perhaps we can meet up some day in the not too distant future. I only know one other UAV enthusiast and he is a highschool age young lad who is still learning how to fly like myself. We share that as a common interest. Very best regards, Joe Cro