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  1. Hello Charles and good to hear from you! I'm glad things are busy for you. That means more drones and parts are coming in as well! Your assignment in Brielle sounds like a very interesting one with doing waypoints at a single estate. It must be monster sized like you said. Let me know if you'll be anywhere near me this coming weekend or any other so we could possibly meet up. A Park sounds ideal since we could both fly something. I could bring my Tarantula X6 or something big and sporty for you to give a try on and something for myself as well. I'm glad to hear that I'm not too ol
  2. Hello Charles and Everyone, I hope life has been treating you well and that your Real Estate Photography business has been going well for you. I would think you may have a lot of new listings during the Summer in preparation for September when the school age children go back to school. Like I said, I hope business has been prosperous for you. The last post I made here has been back in March, 2016 when I was still very new to this hobby and still in the very beginnings of learning how to fly. Just to let you know I haven't lost interest, but rather am even more avid about UAV Piloting, et
  3. Hello Charles, Thanks for sending me the link to "Silk Purse Productions". I was really impressed by the what I saw there and can see how an aerial film can greatly increase the curb appeal of a property; especially the ones within close proximity to a body of water. Both DJI Phantoms seem to do a real good job of supporting your camera for aerial shots, among other things. I'd be happy to take you up on your kind offer to see your P3A in action sometime to see some of the things it can do. I have a few commitments this weekend, but may be able to meet you in
  4. Hello and nice to meet you, and many thanks for replying to my post.May I ask what your first name is? I knew there had to be more people besides myself in my area who shared enthusiasm about our hobby and you were the first to reply. I really appreciate it! As for myself, I'm a 58 YO "big kid" of sorts, or at least I feel like one when I'm flying one of my toys. I'm happily married to a very understanding wife who is slowly becoming enthused over multirotor flying. I'm also retired and spend most of my free time with Amateur Radio talking to people all over the world and building antenna
  5. Hello Alan, Many thanks for the nice welcome and please let me know if you ever have any radio related questions. Perhaps I can be of some help. I'm a 58 YO "newwbie" to this endeavor and will probably have a few questions every so often. Best regards and looking forward to chatting with you and others in the group. Joe Cro
  6. Hello all, Name here is Joe Cro, and I'm a avid Amateur radio operator (callsign N3IBX) and multicopter enthusiast. I'd like to converse with and meet other enthusiasts in my area. If you live nearby or want to email me my email address is: n3ibx@verizon.net. I'm relatively new to this hobby and am still in the learning how to fly safely and properly. I currently have a few quadcopters and very recently acquired a Syma X8C and have a few other smaller ones including FPV types. Hope to hear from you and best regards, Joe