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  1. Please send me a message on here for the facebook group.
  2. Please Send me a Message on here.
  3. Anyone doing the training in the Philly area tomorrow?
  4. Marlin1111, Could you please privet message me on here so I can talk to you about this. Thanks, Thomas
  5. So update on my start up with drones force. I have officially singed the contract. Web sites being built, Training starts next week. Looking to lunch on the 28th.
  6. They provide a Mavic 2 enterprise.
  7. Good afternoon, everyone. I'm glad I glad I found this form. I just signed my agreement from the Philadelphia area. (All of Delaware, One county in Maryland, 5 in NJ, and basically all of south east Pa from Philly down and around the state line of delaware.) Hoping it all works out.