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  1. It's a small scale classic Ponzi scheme. File reports at the FBI, FTC, Local Police and Ic3.gov. If everyone files they'll get this guy or guys. They need to pay for this crime.
  2. The facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/469925957301412/?ref=share
  3. Denniska, we're forming a group to clean these guys clocks. Are you a licensee?
  4. @DHawk I wish to thank you for your reply. I agree 100% on your statements. I'm just playing devil's advocate here and do not mean this to be negative. I'm just trying to be careful. I think my opinion is they are so new, there is literally almost nothing on them other than this topic, their own website and the three or four websites I found of other licensees. I could find no reviews, no statements about them. Even their own website has no internet chatter that I could find. Another item was, they claim they do a lot of SEO in their marketing. So I punched in Drone photography in three cities that they have websites, Memphis, Albuquerque and a Pennsylvania page, https://dukecityaerial.com/about-us/ , https://dukecityaerial.com/about-us/ , https://memphisuav.com/ , and scoured the first few pages of results and nothing came up on any of their licensees. Proper SEO would have them at least showing up on the first result page, if even at the bottom. So a little concern there. Again nothing I am saying is to be negative, but just information. On the upside, I like who I've spoken to at the company. The business model is great for those who just want to fly and not market and do data work, the idea of being with an international team, good support, moderate investment ( I had a restaurant that cost me 100k start up) so the idea is good. The execution of the idea will be the tell tale. I wish you the best in your endeavor. Please keep posting. Thanks again.
  5. Can anyone elaborate on success with Drones Force and positive income returns on the investment? Considering this and need some input. Asking why spend 20k with them when the drone is $3600, training about $1500, website $500. That leaves 14k in your pocket to do your own thing. Not being negative, just curious and seeking opinions. I'm favorable to the company but 20k is a bunch of money with absolutely no guarantees. How do those already signed up feel?
  6. What kind of drone do they provide?