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  1. Two weeks ago we finished training with DartDrones. Last week, we got the marketing program started. This week will be our first officially open for missions.
  2. I haven't compared it against other websites but I do believe they are pooling their combined work experience and marketing us as part of the collective. It helps us look experienced from day one, and they do say they will help us find pilots in the area. Technically, those pilots could have an incredible amount of experience!
  3. The licensee does own the site. Drones Force has a web dev that will customize and upload a pretty decent looking website for you. It's up to you to choose what service you want. This is our website that was designed for us.
  4. Hello, I'm Nick from Pennsylvania, USA. I joined the site to connect/communicate with other pilots interested in the Drones Force Business Program. My drone interests are building a successful drone business and flying FPV either freestyle or racing, haven't decided yet.
  5. Here is a photo of the drone you get from Drones Force. Like others have said, it is a Mavic 2 Enterprise. Included is: 1x DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise 1x Flir Dual Optic Thermal Imaging and 4K Video Sensors 3x Intelligent Flight Battery 1x Remote Controller 1x Spotlight - 2400 lumen dual top-mount light 1x Loudspeaker - 100db top mounted speaker 1x Beacon - Top Mounted Anti-Collision Strobe 6x Propellers 1x AC Battery Charger 1x USB Adapter 1x Travel Case