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  1. DDD, those have been a lot of the same questions I was asking. There seems to be nothing online about this company. The sites you mention that they promote don't even rank and I was told Memphis is one of their oldest? I am also still trying to understand why they would not build their brand using their name if it is so respected and the company is so large and just have actual franchises in each area under one respected name. The national brand recognition alone would be worth so much more it would seem then a bunch of independent businesses no one has heard of each needing its own mark
  2. Thanks for the response. I am not trying to be negative, just trying to understand as much as I can, as this is a much different business model. I was sent the agreement and am trying to understand as much as possible so I can ask as many questions as I can.
  3. I am trying to understand this operation a little better as I go through the process. I asked before if any of you have your websites up and running yet that you could share with us but no one has as of yet. Interested to see how the sites look and how good they are at getting you ranked. The company gave me one company member to contact and after Googling it nothing comes up for them even after searching for many drone related things. The direct link works but thats it. Would really like to hear and see more from current members. Also, in the agreement, everything favors DronesForce. T
  4. I am another one dropping in to join the forum as I too am looking at joining. I understand most of you are just getting started and have not really been out flying missions. But can some of you with websites up and running post some links so I can see them? Thanks