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  1. thanks, I downloaded some of the stuff from the faa website. I need to find out if the guy who mentioned it to me would be willing to pay me straight cash and not have me on a payroll, I do not want to contribute to this government especially Illinois with what they are doing to people by imposing restrictions for coronavirus when it is nothing , and I do not want any form of health care at all, not a needed thing at all, otherwise it would be a job I could enjoy
  2. a friend of mine, actually my ex boyfriend flies for American Airlines and has told me about such sightings, he said since you have drones and rc helicopters I know those were not drones, they were definitely something else, and ATC in the Chicago area would not take his reports seriously.
  3. i try to be out flying every day, as long as the weather is decent, only think that keeps me somewhat calm with the bs the Illinois governor is doing over a nothing virus.
  4. looking for 2 phantom 2 batteries and a charger, thinking it would be awesome to have 3 batteries and 2 chargers to extend the flying time to a couple hours at a time. located in the Chicago Illinois area
  5. I have a neighbor who is trying to convince me to take the FAA part 107 test and work for him flying drones, since I enjoy flying my phantom so much. I have what could be a good job, but since they are requesting us to work from home to help prevent spreading coronavirus and to protect ourselves from it, I am totally unable to do any of the job at all. I have only been able to actually finish one report in 5 months because I cannot stand being by myself at all even for a second and cannot concentrate on anything if I am alone. I would probably like flying drones for work, but highly doubt I ca
  6. I am out every day, try to be around people and typically do not wear a mask, because coronavirus is not real. it is made up to control people, and no government has the lawful authority to force people to comply with social distancing and the wearing of face masks. I have gotten into severe arguments with the local police, and even went as far as telling them to please arrest me, so I can sue them later for unconstitutional enforcement of unlawful and unconstitutional mandates for no legitimate reason. the hospitals have never been overloaded and the hospital staff has never been overworked,
  7. I just bought a DJI phantom 2 as my first non toy drone, it has the GPS and fpv system, and I absolutely love it. I am in Chicago and the winds are at times so gusty and unpredictable that the gps makes it a joy to fly. now if it would only quit raining.
  8. I will not say what I was going to , however the unlawful quarantines MUST STOP. they are unconstitutional and for no valid reason, and I have not complied with any in Illinois and will not wear a face mask at all. I will sue any municipal department who tries to enforce it as well.
  9. I am interested in the software, however the email address to respond to you, does not appear to be valid
  10. as far as I know the registration number covers all your aircraft.
  11. I love the drone though, and wish the weather would start cooperating so I could fly it and have something worthwhile to do during the day, since I will not do my job because our office is forcing people to work from home and I cannot tolerate spending time alone for a millisecond.
  12. I just got a DJI Phantom 2, and I very reluctantly registered it with the FAA and paid the $5.00 fee. All it is is a way for this country to collect more money and put more restrictions on people like they did after 9/11 and now with coronavirus. However if it helps getting the drone returned if it gets lost.... then it is worth it, however I do not think it actually would.