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  1. Dave, The air space is class D that I would like to obtain a waiver to operate in. There is some restricted space to the north which I do not expect the waiver to include and is not over a residential area. I would like to fly at Quadrangle Altitude limits over residential areas for RE Photos and marketing videos. All flights outside of base boundaries. I would think this is a waiver that can be obtained - Would really like assistance with the language to hopefully obtain it on one try. Also suggested duration - I would like 4-6 month waiver ?? Thanks for your assistance
  2. I am going to apply for a waiver to fly in air space of the Cape Cod Coat Guard Air Station. (KFMH) Purpose is to take real estate photos and marketing videos. I would like a long term waiver. Can anyone suggest a drop dead paragraph I can use in my application? My hope is to not reinvent the wheel. This air space does not have any LAANC approvals. My application would include the following - would respect all quadrangle height limits, check for current NOTAMs & TFR etc. fly between sunrise and sunset . I'm just looking for the proper format to present them the information. Any
  3. Just joined - Plan to take Real Estate Marketing Photo's and Video with Mavic 2 Pro