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  1. I hope we get to spend a lot of time outside on campus doing drone videography. COVID will restrict us from doing any field trips this fall but maybe it will change by the spring time.
  2. yes we are going to do this. first we will build a drone from a kit that you will get to keep and take home.
  3. I teach an Unmanned Aerial Systems class for HS students grades 10-12 at Northeast Arkansas Career & Technical Center. This week we are looking at community forums and networks. We have a local RC club on Facebook called Jonesboro Radio Control Club (JRCC). This summer by the work of several members and our AMA chapter president, Dave Newberry, we acquired and setup a new flying field for our members and guests. The objective of my class is to learn about the UAS industry, build drones and complete their Part 107 certification. What do you think would be the most important lessons these st