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  1. That’s your email. What’s your Drone Force website?
  2. I would say nobody got what they agreed to. If you’re lucky, you got some equipment, some training, & a website. In addition to Drones Force getting you missions, you were also suppose to get 6-months of google add words to help promote your website. I’m sure nobody got that either. Sad that people are out there scamming honest people.
  3. Hey Vbcharger, What’s your website? You should get on the Facebook group page that all the partners are joining. They’re moving forward to find a way to get this guy and keep the company moving forward without Drones Force.
  4. Hey Steven, what’s your website for Drones Force? What territory did you get?
  5. I’m convinced Steven Marsh in this thread is Alex Larson Also, Arwin at Memphisuav is Alex +1 (901) 531-9799. He's going to talk in a southern accent but listen closely and you'll hear Alex. This is also true of Chris P from +1 (778) 655-8540. He’ll talk with a Canadian accent but he’s also Alex. And finally, Eric P from Alburquerque +1 (505) 605-6945. I recorded all my conversations when talking with anyone related to Drones Force. I didn’t record these conversations because I was suspicious. I did it so I could review my notes when putting together a business plan. The weekend before I was going to send my $20k, I reviewed all my conversations in one sitting. That’s when it became clear to me that Alex was posing to be all these partners. I didn’t notice at first when I had these initial conversations because a week or two would pass before I had my next conversation. However, when you listen to these conversations back to back to back, it’s quite obvious that Alex is everyone. Even the so called other employees in the office. This for me was the last straw. I’m so glad I recorded these conversations. I had a lot of other concerns and saw many other red flags that moving forward was not going to be a option for me. I hope some of this information is helpful. Good luck moving forward.
  6. any updates regarding your experience with DronesForce?