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  1. I think the FAA is restricting innovation due to their blanket coverage and lack of specificity.
  2. Want a flight plan? Fine. That's easy. Practice time, field, landing area. Done. Want a safety log? Fine. My DJI keeps a log of each flight. It's a controlled practice environment. Other than that - what do they care why I am using a camera at my practice? It doesn't even go above the tree lines! It's a lot safer than dangling a person 35 feet up in the air (people die each year falling from lifts). Even if I sold the video to other coaches (which I am not), why do they feel it is appropriate for them to infringe upon my rights as a person to earn a living? I am NOT a manned pilot, however I have been using RC toys for 40 years and have a great understanding of how they work safely. Plus, I don't want to buy another one - they are expensive!
  3. "Flights conducted incidental to, and within the scope of, a business where no common carriage is involved, generally may operate under FAA’s general operating rules of part 91." Let's just say it: This is NOT a ruling that has anything to do with flying a 2lb camera to film a practice safely. The FAA should only be regulating these to the extent that they could potentially interfere with manned aircraft, or pose a threat to people or property. What they are quoting about "common carriage" has nothing to do with these "aircraft".
  4. We do - it's at a controlled environment = practice. Everyone is aware of what is going on and wants the technology. Our aeronautics department has a different take. They say that because a university is a "business" that it is considered business use to involve a drone in anything that happens on campus.
  5. If you video a practice at a school (public or private, college or high school), is this considered a commercial use if the footage is not for sale and for educational purposes only?? It's an invaluable teaching tool!
  6. Hello! I'm Paul and I am a coach at a college in Florida. I love the shots my DJI 3 gets at practice, but was told by our School of Aviation that it is considered a 'commercial' operation to video our own practices...which I find a bit of a stretch as we are not selling the videos. Does anyone have information that shows that using a drone to video practices (which is a million times safer than having a person stand in a chair lift and do it) is NOT a commercial use as the FAA sees it? There seems to always be ambiguity with the FAA but I don't see where it says that it is commercial to video your own practices at a college anywhere.