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  1. Where is the best place (safe and legal) to launch from, to shoot shipping traffic going under or near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge? I am contracted by a shipping company to shoot their newest fleet and location. Can you fly drones around the Skyway Bridge? Or who can I contact to get permission. What park or location (fishing pier etc) will let me take off, I know you can't launch from the state parks.
  2. I'm Dick Blondin, from Merritt Island FL. I have been shooting Aerial Imagery, videos and photos for 15 years. Started from my plane (Cessna 172) and then began with drones about 8 years ago. Was one of the early pilots to acquire a Part 107 and fly commercialy supporting roof and building inspections, radio tower inspections, NASA infrastructure inspections, sporting events, community support, disaster damage assessments, land surveys and real estate support. I'm a regular presenter at FAA FAAST Team Meetings. I began building my own drones and have recently converted to commercially availabl