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  1. Yes that is who I expected also, Steven Marsh but I didn’t have any proof. Go back and read through the conversations. He always tried to shut those down who spoke negative of DF. He also was the only one who said he was flying and making money but no details. In the post that Alex made me remove I had suggested that maybe Steven Marsh was part of DF.
  2. Do we have any estimate of how many people this involves. I understand there is also a Facebook group discussing this is that right?
  3. I have also fallen for this scam and was waiting for the training which they kept pushing off. Just a couple things I will mention. 1. make sure to shut down your bank account because they have your account info and could lay low for awhile and try to pull money out later. 2. I’m of the opinion they have someone on the inside of this chat or are at least monitoring it. When I posted a warning awhile back for people to wait to sign up till we know for sure what is going on, Alex from Drone Force called me within an hour and said I had to remove the post because it violated what was in the contract I had signed. Well they had my money so I removed the post. I expect someone may still be part here or at least watching it.
  4. I also sent an e-mail to them this morning and it was returned. They also have my money. They were supposed to be scheduling the drone training for me but I having been waiting for several weeks.