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  1. check out related...HC, WIG, WJP.. USCG...submersible UAVs may prove interesting reg wise too.
  2. Nice forum. Any way to sort messages in a topic from newest to oldest? I see how you can sort topics.
  3. FAA: "We're not happy till you're not happy"
  4. Greetings from another Houstonian! Just got laid off (along with the other 70%) in the Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling. Massive industry downturn…much worse than you’ve heard. Considering pursuing drone options. I have several laying around and I’m thinking about a new one to master. With many years of ROV experience offshore and in Nuclear plants, to me, UAVs and ROVs (in and out of water) are very similar in terms of operation and many electromechanical components and imaging. UAVs are much less expensive. Trying to leverage my aviation experience (Examiner, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Airplane, Helicopter, Gyro, WSC ratings), along with my extensive engineering / ROV experience and limited UAV experience. Undecided whether to bother with a 333 at this late stage of the game. I was hoping that part 107 would be more stringent (less competition). Not sure what the future holds in store…but seems promising. Hope we can meet someday and talk flying ;-)