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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! I like the idea of doing some video structured around intended VFX, it sounds a lot less stressful than what I've been doing so far (getting hired to fix things not originally intended to have VFX, which often makes my job way trickier). Agreed that a lot of what used to be considered VFX is now the new normal.
  2. Hi Matt, Thank you for the speedy and thorough response! I would never have known the sun / sky were VFX, very smooth! I can tell the steam only because that's a favorite effect of mine as well (it still looks fantastic though). What effect do you typically use for that kind of sun effect? (if you don't mind sharing). I doubt I'd need it for my skyscraper projects but it's perfect for residential. You make some good points and I appreciate you sharing the commercial undeveloped property video too; it's good to see that folks ARE interested in that kind of work. It sounds like I need
  3. I'm new to the forum but spent quite a while going through all the posts in this thread and it's been really interesting seeing everyone's skills and techniques improve over the last couple years. @JBR LIFE Photography, your work and @Av8Chuck and @Talon Six Aerial are all consistently high quality so I feel you know the industry quite well. Since this thread is about the future too, what do you (and any others active in this thread) think is going to be next? I live in downtown Chicago so clearly the scene is very different from Maui (most shots are of a specific condo or commercial buil