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  1. Really? Your "lecture" is so full of crap that my email is leaking. Your reaction is so precious that it brings tears to my eyes. I love yanking your "chain." And all caps and bold face just tell me you are in such a defense mode. This is so delicious! And making money. One massive lawsuit brought against a drone business will stick like glue on the entire drone industry. It might be you. Wouldn't that be poetic justice for one who rides ass backwards on his high horse? And as for my car or house insurance, neither of them flies as a drone does. So, your logic is flawed.
  2. To uaviator53, Ungrateful, no. At gunpoint, no. (What a lame metaphor. You do know what a metaphor is, don't you? Somewhere in your high school English classes, your teacher at that time, did teach your class what a metaphor was? Buy a refrigerator? Buy a dog? Why, are you a salesman? And this is all you came to the game with? Pitiful and pathetic. And chew on this: Opinions are like DonaldTwump
  3. Your piece of the pie. Really? And as far as wishing me good luck, Don't strain your brain. Be like Donald Twump.
  4. I have come to the sad conclusion that this forum is more attuned to glad-handing, self-congratulatory platitudes, and "look at me- see what I do, did, have done, or will do." It is dominated by the " experts," the wanna-be professionals," and those who wanted recognition(and I am sorry to say, me.) I can no longer play the kiss-ass newbie drone pilot. Doing so since I got my Blade Chroma in March, I joined this forum thinking that I would be part of something special. Turns out I was completely mistaken. You drone pilots remind me of an Andy Griffith episode where Andy and Barney are invited up to Raleigh to attend Roger's club meeting. Barney tries too hard to be liked by the members and is, behind his back, made fun of and snubbed. He, like me, made some outrageous claims to what his drone could or might do, and in the process, realized he looked like a fool. His drone was his self-inflated worth. I now realize that I have not one iota of connection with this group and to continue " sucking up to you" does not help me in the least. A case in point. I mentioned in a post that I made an aerial video of a swamp in a south Georgia. I asked for feedback as to what I could do to improve my videographic skills because I wanted, for personal reasons, to make better videos. I posted my plea on the Photo and Video forum as the "rules" require. I asked the moderator for feedback, I asked the members for feedback. You know what I got for my efforts? 0 replies. So, here's my response:???????????????????????????????????????? Jim H. Wells Happy to be Free Done Owner, Not New Pilot No More
  5. I really hate to rain on these pilot's parades, but like all new and exciting businesses, most will fail within a year of getting off the ground. And, here's another thought to consider: this is an old Southern expression that people in the South have said before. "Too much sugar for a dime." If you Midwestern and up-north pilots don't know its meaning, I'll translate this aphorism. Too many commecial drone pilots and their businesses will flood the market and this new "pie" only has so many pieces to go around. And, the first time somebody's fancy drone taking aerial video over some client's business falls out of the sky and crashes onto that house or business and does damage or strikes someone by accident, I think that drone insurance "ain't gonna do 'squat.'" Now, if drone pilots wish to call me pessimistic and a "wet blanket" or "pissing on their parade," that is their prerogative. Just remember that if anything can go wrong, it will. Jim, New Pilot
  6. Now, why would anyone who owns a Phantom 4 want to send his drone 4.2 miles and lose line of sight? Doing so seems to prove the adage of lose sight and likely cause a stupid accident. Don't you think (and I really believe you are like the driver who thought his Tesla S model could drive itself on auto pilot snd ended up dead because his auto pilot thought the white sided semi trailer was clear sky and kept right on moving and crashed into its side, causing his death.) your drone might just fly over people and possibly drop out of the sky onto someone? People like you who own this so-called fancy, smancy drone need to exercise some responsibility and fly safe. Otherwise, you could cause damage to property or to people. And here is another thought: Taking control of a drone by overriding the transmission signal is not all that difficult. Just look on line at the articles that explore the new way to steal a drone in flight. Jim, New Pilot
  7. All of you drone fliers take a gander at an aerial flyover on what is known as the Ogeechee River Swamp. There is a rail line that the swamp parallels. The neat thing about this swamp is that it's one of a number of watersheds that drains into the Ogeechee River. (For more info on this beautiful black water river, do a Google search on the Ogeechee River. ) I shot this video at 350' over an area of between 400 and 600 acres. The clip is titled Ogeechee River Swamp Norfolk Southern Rail Line 6 20 2016 on You Tube. Fly Safe, Jim, New Pilot
  8. Has any Blade Chroma drone pilot "tweaked" the firmware from Horizon Hobby's website? There is a firmware upgrade on the GUI download but I am not sure what its purpose is or if it is safe to upgrade the Blade. What I have read on the Yuneec web site indicates that the new firmware's purpose is to increase the drone's speed. However, I am reluctant at this point to put this claim to a test. I would appreciate any pilot's comment on my concern. Thanks, Jim, New Pilot
  9. Alan, Thanks for the update on the myriad points in the FAA regulations. I could spend hours or days reading the brain-numbing government sentences on every page and might miss something. If I get a shot at this footage, I'll put it up on YouTube. I appreciate the info. Fly Safe, Jim
  10. Answers, Nice looking video clip. At what altitude was your drone flying? Check out my youtube video as well. I live in Georgia on a 356 acre farm about 70 miles north of Savannah Ga. I fly a Yuneec Blade Chroma CGO2 1080P. Go to youtube and search for The Big Walk FIeld On South Fork Road 6 16 2016. Altitude at 350 feet and downrange distance 1000 feet. Drone. Jim, New Pilot
  11. Uaviator53, Look under your response post to my "rant. Jim, New Pilot
  12. I just finished reading about the 13 Drones To Consider Buying In 2016 and am surprised and way disappointed that whoever came up with this "parade of stars" either has an unconscious bias or a lack of professional knowledge about the Yuneec Blade Chromas (both the CGO2 and CGO3 models). Why is it that every time I see an article on the 'Net about drone models or read some news article devoted to UAV's, most of what is listed is fixated on the DJI models or the Inspires, or other "thoroughbred race horse models"? I have a Blade Chroma CGO2, and I have to say that for its price point and for it can accomplish in aerial photography (2.7 k and 16 megapixels) it does a pretty damn good job. Now, I realize that the dog show breeds have built-in cachet, but the lower end Blade Chroma does fine for me. I get the "red-ass" ( a good Southern appellation), and you readers from up north would not be familiar with southern terms like this one) every time I see someone go ga-ga over a Phantom this or a Phantom that. It burns my butt! Just my opinion, y'all. Jim, New Pilot
  13. Uaviator53, Can you forward this post to Alan? He may find this comment humorous in some fashion. Thanks, Jim, Not Now New Pilot Anymore