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  1. I am in the process of building a drome specifically for filming it will be a 8 prop contraption .... I have managed to wade through everything I would need and basically all is available off the shelf... I will need two transmitters, one for the Drone and one for the gimble ....I will not be using a gopro but a Canon EOS R..... can someone enkighten me as to how I start the camera recording ....,yes the gimbles controller/reciever has verious buttons that can be setup to invoke a response at the drone but how do I connedt this to a camera ...is there something off the shelf.... Any help
  2. My name is Paul , live in Johannesburg South Africa , involved in the hunting industry and also filming , specifically wild life. (Hunting and filming lol) Currently I fly a Phantom 3 P and Phantom 4p, in the process of aqjiring something much more substantial that cant be considered an expensive toy. Im hoping to get advice from the technical gurus who will assist me to wade through this technical mine field.