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  1. DroneLogbook is launching a 1st responder logbook that will be tailored to the needs of public safety officers (vs commercial). The new site is www.safetydrone.org so if you are (or know any) a first responder feel free to try it out (it is free through August) and give us feedback for changes. After August we are looking at $50 per year for an operator but are also looking to better understand budgets etc.. Thanks.
  2. For public safety personnel. DroneLogbook has been receiving inquiries from more and more 1st responders. As a result we decided to create a 1st responder specific platform www.safetydrone.org which will be tailored to the needs of 1st responders (workflow, terminology etc). Feel free to login and try it now as we will be running it at no charge through the summer (targeting $50 per operator per year after) and we welcome feedback and ideas to make it suited to your needs. If you have any questions feel free to send us a note from the site or reach me at ekubicka@dronelogbook.com
  3. Just to update everyone DroneLogbook ( www.dronelogbook.com ) now can sync with the DJI Go app from the website. In the coming weeks you will be able to do it from the mobile app as well. Here is a link to the instruction set. Any questions feel free to reach out. https://blog.dronelogbook.com/?p=191
  4. For those of you looking at commercial operations we have added quite a few upgrades to the site to make it even easier for you to manage your operations. Among the latest. 1- 3D playback of telemetry data (we support over 25 sources , DJI, Yuneec, etc) 2- Multi Flight editing - you can edit data on multiple flights at once making it easier to upload and update flight logs 3- Mission Planning - Plan missions, check against airmap.com for local airports/restrictions, attach paperwork (we have digital forms like customized checklists etc) 4- Project Folders - Create project folders automatically with flights, planned flights, documents, locations and incidents all linked. 5- Share Flights - you can share a flight log and 3d playback without allowing access to your system. We create a view only url. There are many more features besides this but we wanted to pass this along. Also, we have a UAV Coach discount - 1 Year Enterprise for 35% off UAVCOACH125 (www.dronelogbook.com)
  5. In case anyone is looking for a logbook we have upgraded our site with quite a few features in the past few months. We offer 3d playback of your telemetry data, mission planning, multiflight editing, project folders and much more. Also, remember there is a UAV Coach discount available. 1 year Enteprise for 35% off - Code UAVCOACH125 (www.dronelogbook.com)
  6. We are also offering 50% off a 3 month trial for our Enterprise Plan.. Code DLBUS1Q www.dronelogbook.com (choose quarterly payment).
  7. BIll, Yes to Autel. I see them at the commercial drone shows. I know they are looking at early 2017 before going full swing but they are pretty good about feedback/ talking to customers. You can try Elana efishman@autelrobotics.com She is pretty good about replying (might take a few days). Just let her know what you said here.
  8. Bill, Did you send them a note to see what they have? They are pretty good about replying.
  9. Paper works too. Just as you get to more and more flights it gets harder. Also, ability to capture telemetry data is key for some users.
  10. Alan has built a great community here and for those who operate commercially we wanted to pass along an update (and offer for members here). This week we launched our new mobile apps for IOS and Android (search for Dronelogbook) This is V1 which will allow you sync with your Dronelogbook account, in a few weeks you will be able to use our forms offline (preflight checklists, risk assessment, authorization forms) and sycn when back online. In the past few months we have also added Project Folders, Mission Plan, Archiving, 3d playback of telemetry files and more. We now also support over 25 file types (telemetry). The codes are DLBUAVC for 1 year Enterprise at $125 (saving over $70) and PRO30 for 30% off 1Yr pro plan. www.dronelogbook.com Also, if you want to see a bit more on our offering you can watch here.
  11. @redBaron - Dronelogbook is now out on IOS and Android.. upgrades coming monthly. It will be nice.
  12. Thanks Christian. Just to update on our site . Our V1 Android and IOS Apps are out. V2 coming in a few weeks which will allow offline use of our forms (sync when back online). Also for those of you who use AutoflightLogic we sync directly with them. No need to touch the drone to get logfiles. Also, as a special offer to those who are on this forum. - Use code DLBUAVC for 1 year Enterprise for $125 (save 35%). OR Use PRO30 for 30% off 1 year pro plan. Limited time!.
  13. @Rylan Loemker we added custom preflight checklist this week. It is live so you can create your own.
  14. We added a trial offer for Enterprise EKENT50 good for 3 months at $27.
  15. @Rylan Loemker great to hear. We have additional upgrades coming that you should like as well (new report and checklists). We appreciate the feedback.
  16. @Rylan LoemkerI know you sent a note to Yves on this. He handles the technical side. I deal with the business side. Send him a note and we can work with you on it. As he mentioned we are going to add our own parser which is almost done just needs a few more fields.
  17. We do our best to make this all work. The issue at times is DJI they are not "industry" friendly. So it is a work around but we always welcome feedback and any bug notifications.
  18. @Rylan LoemkerThanks. We want to see what we can do for you and the others in Australia. It will take some time but we are committed to local markets and business processes.
  19. @Rylan Loemkercan you ping me at ekubicka@dronelogbook.com and we can connect via Skype (I will send my skype to you via email). Also I forwarded your other items to my associate so he is waiting for you to connect as well). There will be some timezone issues so be aware we are spread out over the world.
  20. Hi, We just wanted to introduce ourselves to the group here. DroneLogbook is a cloud based drone logbook (with mobile and coming offline capabilities) with over 4000+ users, 30K flights logged and over 10K hours logged. If you are interested in a demo drop a note back (we also have coupon codes off our annual plans good until 4.15) EKDLB50 for 1/2 off an annual Pro Plan UAV22ENT good for $40 off an annual Enterprise If you have any questions feel free to ping me.
  21. @Roy Beasleygive us a look as well. We are happy to do a demo just let me know. We take logfiles and do a few things that skyward doesn't at a much lower price. www.dronelogbook.com
  22. If anyone needs a logbook for compliance we are offering discount codes for our services. The "Pro" plan provides you with a list of flights and incidents (FAA report) and the Enterprise lets you create and track documents, checklists, customers and more. Use code EKDLB50 for 1 year of pro for $33 or UAV22ENT for 1 year of Enterprise for $150 (both coupons good for annual plan only). www.dronelogbook.com
  23. @Rylan Loemker Give us a shout. We are in the process of breaking out DroneLogbook for local markets but it takes time. Over the next year you will see localization for markets (US vs. UK, vs Australia vs. Canada vs Eu) the issue is the persmissioning sou asked about was one of the complaints we hear about Rpas so we are working on a solution for that that allows the option. We also have a long list of upgrades coming (risk assessment and checklists, improved maintenance section, and more) so we would be happy to fill you in. you can reach me at ekubicka@donelogbook.com Eric