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  1. I added the picture of the unit to the drive.
  2. i just added the pic of the units to the drive.
  3. I work for a company that does methane detection and we thought we were going to get into surveying and the company decided not to after all.
  4. · DJI M600 PRO RTF Package · A3 Flight Controller installed with Lightbridge 2 RC, D-RTK and Datalink Pro · Custom LiDAR Quick Release Package · Vibration Isolator Plate for M600 UAV · Premium Power Charger · Pro FPV camera · M600 PRO Custom Travel Case · 6 sets of batteries · Extra set of props + various accessories This DJI M300 Pro RTK was purchased with the intent of doing LIDAR services. We ended up going in a different direction and rarely took out of the case much less flying it, as the a
  5. Bundle includes: · H520 Airframe · ST16S · (3) Batteries And Charger · E50 3-Axis Gimbal Camera · Pelican 1620 Case · Lume Cube Dual Pack Mount · ST16 Hoodman Sun Shade Extras: · Additional 3 batteries ($200 each) · E90 camera ($1299) I have a Yuneec H520 Bundle with some extras listed that I am selling because I do not need/use anymore. The airframe has been in the air less than a handful of times. It is essentially brand new! With all the accessories added we purchased everything f