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  1. Hi @Av8Chuck We are reaching out to testers as the come. I will be interacting with the interest in the forum soon. Can we leave it open for now?
  2. Howdy folks, My name is Benjamin Fenigsohn, I'm the SVP of Business Development for Advanced Aircraft Company, LLC, manufacturers of the Hybrid Advanced Multi Rotor (HAMR) drone. We represent the next phase in part-107 compliant UASs: veteran-owned, 100% made in America, 3-4 hour flight times, and capable of seven pounds of payload. This is NOT your average remote controlled hybrid: think six rotors, 10.5'x4.5'x3.5', and custom-made to be aerodynamic in flight. For this reason we are not mass-market, nor are we designed for crop spraying or cargo transport. Instead, specialty imaging and surveillance/inspection missions that involve long flight times and specialty camera equipment. We were formed in October of 2015 with the sole purpose of disrupting the drone industry. Our CEO is an ex-Marine infantry officer and NASA engineer and has spent the past five years preparing for our market arrival in autumn of this year. To that end we are looking for commercial part-107 compliant drone pilots to enroll in our beta program, test our creation, and provide pre-sales feedback. Take it out on a job, compare it with what you're used to, and tell us everything - good and bad. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Think you can handle something of this size, weight, and market? Let me know directly or in this thread as well as questions or comments you may have. I've included a spec sheet and executive summary to get started and don't forget to check out some flight action below! *MUST BE USA BASED* Video of our drone in action: Thanks! AAC Exec Summary 2020 08 21.pdf AAC HAMR Specs_Commercial 2020 07 13.pdf