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  1. Got my new HS510-4K the other day. Having similar Android/iPhone issues as reported here. My personal phone (Galaxy S7) can see the drone in the wifi settings and can connect to it, but it shows "no connection" in the Ophelia Go app. I can connect through the app with my work phone (iPhone 8 ) and everything seems to work fine, except the "follow me" function (which is a feature I expected to use frequently). Every time I engage that feature, the drone just rotates to point (roughly) north and stays there. It never moves or rotates in relation to the phone or remote. I'm out in the middle of nowhere, at least a KM away from any buildings/structures/people (so no interference) and the app has all the pertinent permissions (location services, local network, etc). All other features (orbit, tap and fly, etc..) seem to work fine. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can; A) get the Ophelia Go app to connect on my Galaxy S7 and/or B) get the "follow me" function to work