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  1. Hi Chuck, yes this Ray McIntyre Jr., it has been a long time and I hope you are well. Yes indeed this is an interesting way for us to run into each other! From visual effects to drones, small world. I looked at your site, very cool. Say hi to Ray Feeney. Cheers, Ray
  2. Hello Benjamin, Yes I would be interested in learning more about beta testing your HAMR drone. My company is Pixel Magic and we specialize in 3D CGI visual effects for TV and feature films. Most recently I just completed Raised By Wolves for HBOMAX. We use drones to create very high end photogrammetry that we then create 3D models for integration into films and tv programs. We also shoot high quality video for tv and movies. We have Part 107 experience and multi engine instrument rated fixed wing experience. You can reach me at raymond@pixelmagicfx.com. We are based