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  1. You may have heard that drones can sometimes be in the air for ten, maybe twenty minutes, or even more. So why is there such a wide range of different times? That’ s because drones’ flight times depend on numerous factors that customers must take into account when flying their devices. We will explore these different components in this article. Considering that lithium polymer batteries have become more widely used as the main power sources for drones, this article will be in the context of lithium polymer batteries. Various factors for flight time Weight It is vital t
  2. Hi there, Grepow specializes in custom, semi-customized and spot drone batteries. Design and manufacture custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems. Our tattu battery series is designed for professional applications of industrial class UAVs and drones. A superior battery management system (BMS) intelligently manages batteries and extends battery life. Grepow offers one-stop service and fully integrated battery solutions to meet specific needs.