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  1. Thanks Spitfire and everyone else.....I'm probably at about 30 hours on my motors, but will definitely try the hover/listening method just to make sure everything is cool...and Jblaeser15, I like my chroma a lot....no flight problems with it at all. When I fly and it's very humid, the camera seems to "stick" at an angle, but that's only happened a couple of times in extremely humid conditions..
  2. Thank you very much Scott & Christian......that was exactly the kind of advice I was looking for! I'll look into getting that hopefully soon be posting some video's. The class sounds very interesting and definitely something I will consider. Thanks again!
  3. hello everyone - I am an newbie when it comes to downloading video...I'd like to learn to do some basic stuff (effects/time lapse/captions/music etc...) and compress the 4k video's as well so video can be played on older devices as well....I have no clue what software to use or where to start. I'm on Windows 10..I've searched and search and figured this would be a great place to start. Thanks in advance for the input!! I know there are a lot of smart peeps here...
  4. Great advice, thanks George - I took your information, and that you cited on RCDronecamps and saved it on a word document for later use. I'm going to leave the geofence where it is at for now until I gain more experience. I have a rather large yard that backs up to a natural area, so I have a nice place to continue to learn and improve my piloting skills. There isn't a scenario at this time that I can see where I'd need to go outside the geofence, and certainly not one where I'd have to fly above 400 ft, which is prohibited anyway. I appreciate the information you have provided will definitely refer to it when I'm ready to adjust things a bit...Thanks again!
  5. Thanks George - so you are plugging the Chroma into your PC or the ST10+ ?? I have windows 10 so I'll have to look for an laptop with an older OS and try the motor test...I probably have only 5 hours on my motors but would like to understand more GUI and what it can show....which I haven't done anything with yet, but will.
  6. I love my Chroma...I was talking with some excited kids who thought it was cool as i was trying to land....I didn't power down the motors enough and it started to tip so I powered it off quickly......which quickly stopped the motors.....when i went to pick it up, one of the props fell off.....I can only theorize that powering off the motors without being in or near the the slowest speed can completely loosen the prop from the motor when the prop stops suddenly from spinning so fast........I was lucky and this was a big learning experience for me....Now I always wind down my motors and make sure I'm idle in the slowest speed before powering off completely.....not sure if it's relevant here but thought I'd mention it
  7. I suppose this question applies to most drones in this class - but how do you know in advance that a motor needs to be replaced and what is the life expectancy of a motor? I know very little about electric motors but have to think they don't just run forever - what are the clues I need to replace on while it's on the ground and not have it just stop in the air? I'm "guessing" that if you lose a motor while flying the chances of landing without crashing aren't very good.
  8. ...this place rocks....I was at work during lunch looking up information on my first drone, purchased yesterday....(Chroma 4K)....before I knew it, 2 hours had passed on by!! Lot's of helpful information spread all over this site..I'll probably need to block myself while at the office