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  1. Hello & Greetings from “L.A.”....If you flew helicopters in the Army, you know where I’m @! My background: I’m 52 and been around Aviation that long....flew Professionally for 34 years,ATP, 3 type ratings (Citation Excel/Latitude....But Mostly I’m a Hawker Pilot @ Heart!) Spent 20 + years every 6 months @ FlightSafety with no pink slips...Got total Road Burnout and “Retired”.....thought I had a pretty successful Aviation Career......AND THEN I BOUGHT A DRONE! (Actually 5 to date)....I can fly it with the sticks somewhat descent....trying to figure out the automation (TapFly) ...first time trying to use it I had a “FlyAway”😩....It ended up in some guys back yard hovering....he grabbed it,pulled the battery, called the police as I did and an hour later it was home!…In 15,000 flight hours that was the worst feeling....I Got LUCKY....And as I replayed the chain of events there was So many “Got Ya’s”....The Holes lined up and the Event Occurred. As hard as I tried to treat it with the same respect as anything else I fly, The preflight is not as it should be and flying it (Oh it’s a Phantom 4) was stressful,especially trying to use the IPAD!… My wife asked me with all seriousness “Isn’t there like a FlightSafety for Drones you could go thru”....SHE NAILED IT!…Every Aircraft that I have flown since 1993 I have been thru Formal Training On. The Moral of this Story....GET SOME DUAL .....Utube is Great, but one on one is Golden! And that is what I am hoping that I found here... I will be scheduling with Mobile and/Or Cape Coral real soon!