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  1. Thanks Chase! I’d actually made my way through the course and just passed my AKT on Wednesday! Great course
  2. @SquareSircle & @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach The key problem with that ordinance is probably their "Film Permit" use case. If your drone has a camera, your drone is a camera. And they can regulate the use of cameras.. The rest of that ordinance item mentions the other state and FAA laws as well. Full text in this section:
  3. Hey there! I'm Tim from the Indianapolis, IN area. Right now I just have a DJI Mavic Mini, but I'm super interested in eventually getting a couple other drones. I'd been waiting until I got any drone to dive into courses for a certificate. My interests are varied through just about all uses for drones, but I imagine my first foray into commercial work will inspections. I work as a draftsman for a structural engineering firm, and I'm hoping that they will utilize me in that manner when they find out I have a license in the New Year (hopefully have...).