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  1. A year ago When Companies Like UPS & Amazon we’re trying to get the FAA’s “Blessings”, one of the stipulations was to ONLY Use Commercial Rated Part 91 Pilots that held Second class Medicals....Fast Forward to Today...The FAA is saying such operations must have a Air Charter Part 135 Certificate...WHAT?…How do you give a Checkride in a Unmanned Aircraft? Pilots operating under part 135 are required to pass a Checkride given by an FAA Examiner... I haven’t seen a thing about Pilot Requirements lately, but I do know this...to qualify as a part 135 Pilot you must hold a commercial pilots
  2. DroneDeploy...Expensive...Yes....Worth it...ABSOLUTELY!...For the written, Good Ole John & Martha...King School of Aeronautics....Flight Lessons....MANDATORY!…Starting Out, Get a Night Job...to build time & experience, Use DroneUp...the more qualifications you pass, the more sub-contracted jobs you receive....plan on 2 years of working hard and not making much money....In 2 years of that, you should be able to get a good job....Welcome to Aviation My Friend!
  3. That’s “Lower Alabama”.... I am a retired Pilot now having flown a whole variety of corporate aircraft and Jets. I’m currently learning how to use a popular companies Mapping and Survey Program while signed up with another company that provides all the information for a flight that you want to conduct, and also post “Missions” that are available depending on your qualifications. I am planning on using a UAV Flight Instructor next week to get some much needed “Dual” on flying my Phantom 4. This Industry is growing faster & faster by the minute and I think the time is Right to Jump In.