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  1. Update:manual is available now.
  2. Our payloads uses our proprietary 3-axis system, which can only fit pixhawk drones. We have more than 40 payloads(with same connector) that can be used for a variety of applications. IR/EO camera,night version camera,etc.
  3. Hi,Jackie,This is nick from MMCUAV,We own 10+ years in producing industrial drones. I think you need a quadcopter,since you need an inexpensive drone(carry 400g),it's better you buy from China, Our quadcopter can carry 3kg,but our drones are not cheap,cost more than 5000usd. I suggest you to check on alibaba.There are many solutions.
  4. Welcome tim, This is nick from MMCUAV,also new here. We own 10+ years in producing industrial drones(hexcopter,Octocopter,VTOL,etc),our factory have more than 400 employees. If you need any advices on industrial drones(mainly focus on inspection,survey,surveillance,etc),let me know.
  5. We are the sole agent,herelink is another product,it doesn't have dual operator fuctions,and our product are much powerful, I can email you the brochure and price
  6. Does anyone interested in Pixhawk dual operator(master-slave) GCS? ParameterSize: 218mmX106mmX32mmScreen display: 5.5 inches, 1000cd/m², 1080PImage transmission distance: FCC 20km; SRRC 12km Video transmission delay: 110ms minimum (screen display from input source to ground)Sky sideCommunication interface: Two-way Sbus, UART, HDMI, NETPower input: 12V; XT30 interfaceVideo input: 720P@30fps; 1080P@30/60fpsSize: 64mmX89mmX22mm