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  1. A lot of you fine folks say that I should couple my GIS education with something else. It is a sentiment I agree with, but I am having a hard time deciding where to focus my efforts. I am not sure how well I can learn programming on my own. I am considering going for a minor in computer science, but it would require me to build up my math skills. I am somewhat worried about this because of the time and money associated. on the other hand I can try and learn on my own. I am familiar with computers and have written small scripts for games, but nothing serious. My other options include a land surveying certificate or an earth sciences (basically geology) minor. These will also require me to build up my math skills, but not quite as much. Do you think I will be marketable with education in land surveying/geology, or should I bite the bullet and go for computer science? Also, if I do learn programming on my own, how do I convey my knowledge to an employer. I feel like putting. Self-taught programmer on my resume might raise some red flags for a future employer. Thanks in advance.