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  1. I'm in Citrus Heights, CA, just outside of Sacramento. Nearest airport is KMHR (Mather) and a hospital less than a half a mile from me. I did manage to obtain a permit in Roseville, CA. Paid $5 to fly in 3 parks for a year. Happy New Year and stay safe, Keith
  2. Congrads Ron. I'm new to this hobby as well and am planning to take my Part 107 sometime early next year. Happy Holidays and stay safe, Keith
  3. Just a heads up. I hope this helps someone, cause I know it has helped me, I found out how I can legally fly drones in Roseville, CA with causing any grief. The website; You can apply for a permit to fly in 3 parks in the city for $5 annually. I know it isn't much, but it's something. Thank you and stay safe. Keith
  4. I went head and registered my Mini 2, because once I place an accessory on it will probably weigh more. I'm somewhat studying for the Post 107 test, but I still haven't found a place to try out the thing or even practice. It's a confusing hobby and a frustrating one. Thanks and stay safe, Keith
  5. I currently live in Citrus Heights, CA and am searching for a place close by to practice flying my DJI Mini 2. I saw the link to Roseville but am unable to find information on obtaining an annual permit. The link shows “Page Not Found”. Would anyone know where I might find more information on this? Google search shows nothing. Also, can anyone offer more information on AMA memberships? Do they offer a place to fly? Thank you and stay safe, Keith
  6. Thanks for the information. I’m somewhat familiar with Airspaces, due to my time with several flightsimming software. I also have installed Airmap, B4Ufly, Kittyhawk and Avision onto my iPhone and iPad, also using sky vector. Even though the DJI Mini 2 is under the required weight I went ahead and registered with the FAA @faadropzone. I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding federal, state, counties and city laws as well. Not as cut and dry as I thought it would be. I have to say, I found it very humbling the amount of red tape just to fly this thing. Seems like you would logically need to do all this just to fly a kite, but no. I will be looking into taking the part 107, but right now I’d like to get some experience flying the thing and get some practice in. I think looking for a spot just to go straight up and down once is the most frustrating. Happy Holidays and stay safe, Keith
  7. Hello. Names Keith. New to the forum. Just got a DJI mini 2 for Christmas. I’ve always been interested in photography and cinematography. Finding it quite frustrating just to find somewhere to just try and fly this thing once. I’m a pc enthusiast an avid flightsimmer.
  8. Finding just owning a drone to be a humbling experience