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  1. When I looked at the Website for Santa Clara County (California) - there's nothing that tells you "how much it cost" for a "Permit". One has to fill out a multiple page application and pay $940.00 application fee! -- I won't be flying anytime soon in any of the permit requires areas in Santa Clara County!! $940.00 is way out of line! 😬
  2. Excellent point - we don't know the other side of the story. However, we all have a bigger issue with Senator Lee of Utah that wants to have local municipalities, cities, towns, counties take over the 0-200 feet of National Air Space control. Thus my belief that the N.C. Board of Surveyors likely has no clue what they are going after as will be the same with local municipalities, cities, towns, etc.. if Senator Lee of Utah is allowed to continue down the yellow brick road....
  3. This is very much like what Sen. Lee of Utah is attempting to do....making it impossible for us that have gone thru the efforts to obtain a Part 107 Cert and are trying to earn a living doing something we have a passion for. What's truly disturbing about the N.C. issue is government overreach by an agency that hasn't got a clue what they are talking about.
  4. Thanks.... I have read the new UK rules and we here in the USA need to quit their new rules are much stricter!!
  5. Brian; What is the URL to the EU site for testing? Thanks. Ron
  6. Thanks! Taking the UAV Coach course was an excellent way to get to a 95% passing score! By no means am I a "Tin Dick Tracy" looking for violators of the FAA rules, but I am very concerned at what I'm seeing on Facebook and Instagram - videos taken at night and beyond the visual line of site..this is the kind of stuff that makes the FAA make more rules...
  7. Thanks to Judy I'm now part of this group. I retired from 50+ years in IT and am in the process of reinventing myself to do parttime drone work. Hardware includes DJI Phantom 3 Standard and DJI Mavic Air. I have my FAA 107 Certification - and of course there are always new things to learn. Ron