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  1. It says here under the Hot Topics section that the new updated courses are not yet posted. Hope this helps.
  2. I am current with my Part 107 Certification until the end of January, 2021. I was planning to take the recurrence exam this month. However, with the 12/31/2020 FAA ruling, "Starting in March 2021, drone pilots who are already certified no longer need to take an in-person recurrent exam at a PSI test center. You still have to demonstrate currency every 24 months, but it will now be through a free online training course from the FAA. " My question is...should I pay the $150 fee to take the test in 01/2021 to stay current? Or, should I let my part 107 lapse for a month and then re-certify by taking the FREE online course from the FAA? If my certification lapses, do I have to start over and take the initial test? I don't use the Part 107 often, so letting it lapse for a month would not be a big deal for me. Thanks for any suggestions or hints on how to work through this...