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  1. Hello from West Palm Beach Florida. I'm shooting some nighttime skyline shots of downtown West Palm Beach. With the settings below, I'm still getting a shaky shot. I understand how 'long exposure' / nighttime photography works on the ground / from a tripod, but I'm having some trouble with the aerials. I guess this won't let me attach a sample image. Feel free to connect via my email & please introduce yourself. Note: This is shot during civil twilight. Settings Used: DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 ISO: 100 Aperture: 2 (or lowest / most open) Shutter: I've tried all options between 0.25s to 8s. Manual Focus Assistant - ON (Rack Focus) RAW (DNG) Mechanical Shutter - OFF Lock Gimbal - ON FRONT LEDs- OFF (But I don't think they shut off) Thanks all.