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  1. I was thinking about different side businesses I can try while working full time, and I realized something - I have a nice drone. I was wondering if anyone can share their experience with doing professional drone photography and videography. It seems like there are a lot of markets for this. From real estate agents, to events, to inspections and engineering. I'm guessing that there would be some editing involved, depending on the situation. But that's something I can learn. From what I can gather, there are a couple of services in my area that do this. But I feel like the
  2. Hi everyone I'm Raftar from mid north coast, NSW, Australia. Just took my Holy Stone 120D for its maiden flight. Very happy with the drone and my initial efforts at using its features. Hope to improve and get some good videos and still pics. I might even save up for a pro drone but for now my 120D will do the job.