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  1. Hello, I am trying to understand the limitation of flying a done out of line of sight. What needs to be considered, and can anything be done to increase the range is forest cover. This is regarding using drones for search and rescue, but needing to fly the drones under the canopy and getting a closer look at the ground. What are the ranges available to pilots if they bunker down and fly a drone into the bush, one person flying, one person scanning the screen for clues. How far can a reasonably priced drone fly before it losses connection? Is there any way to increase this range, possibly by flying a drone that has a repeater attached and landing it, so that 2 or 3 other drones can have increased range in a given search area? With losing LOS and flying into the bush, is it possible to have gps on the drone recording its flight path, so that way if the pilot gets lost he can reverse their steps to get the drone out? What other concerns with this method can you come up with and that need addressing? Thank you all for your help, I understand that there are laws, but lets imagine this wasn't a concern and permission was given for the purpose of search and rescue.