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  1. Hello @ChuckBridges, Here is a link to Recreational access to Grazing leases There is also an app IHUNTER AB with basically the same info. You can locate leases and determine the leaseholder contact info as well as any restrictions for access. Worked well for me. As long as you fly within the guidelines as set out by Transport Canada, you should be good. You should also check for a MAAC club in your area (Windy West RC Club springs to mind) which will have some resources perhaps. I, unfortunat
  2. Some positive movement! By ANDY PASZTOR Updated April 20, 2016 10:25 p.m. ET 1 COMMENTS The Federal Aviation Administration has issued the first approval for flights of small commercial drones at night, according to lawyers for the operator, in the latest sign of how quickly U.S. regulators are moving to authorize expanded uses of unmanned aircraft. Responding to pent-up industry demand for more flexible rules, the move will allow the U.S. unit
  3. Well, @Alan Perlman, here are my thoughts on this: 1. Because of the lawsuit launched by DJI against Yuneeq, Yuneeq may not be feeling as collaborative with a group that includes their antagonist 2. DJI already spans the manufacture of consumer and professional UAV’s. It makes sense 3DR jumped into this alliance as they have already stated their focus will turn to commercial applications ( and have already cut off phone support for their consumer product and have partnered with AutoDesk and Sony recently (http://www.uavexpert
  4. Interesting
  5. Brent

    Faster Charging

    Hi @Bob Kroth, The Yuneeq flight batteries are 5400 mAh and rated at 1C. That means the batteries should only be charged at 1X the capacity, or in other words, max 5.4 amps. The charger that comes with the 4K charges at 3.5 amps and only charges through the balance connector. Takes about 2 hours per battery. The batteries come charged at 3.7 volts per cell for a total battery charge of 11.1 volts. Max voltage is 4.2 volts per cell for a totally charged battery of 12.6 volts. I recommend a computerized charger that balance charges as well as having the ability to charge/discharge to s
  6. @Jon Hovey, that is great advice regarding learning to fly without the camera. It is another piece of expensive equipment you needn't have to worry about. Initial anxiety is bad enough as you practice maneuvers with ever increasing difficulty. It is especially true when learning to fly the Q500 with the GPS disabled. It is entirely a different beast and you don't want the extra stress of having to control the camera as well. I, personally, would shy away from carbon fibre blades until one is very confident in their ability. From what I understand, the stock blades are designed to break at
  7. Good information @dohara. Really appreciate you sharing. Brent
  8. Hello All, I'm Brent, operating from South of Calgary, Alberta. Picking the 'Biggest Challenge' facing me right now was actually picking just one from such a large data-set of challenges that need overcoming. However, if I don't meet the requirements as set by Transport Canada, the rest of the exercise is moot. So, my biggest challenge is: Complying with all requirements in order to formulate a successful application that results in a valid Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) being issued.
  9. Hi all, and fellow Canucks. I came across this site that may assist in locating an area to explore for future flight planning in Canada. Hope it is of some assistance. Brent
  10. @Alan Perlman , I'll try to do better.
  11. Welcome @Aaron M to this part of the forum. My Q500 4K arrived yesterday (it took some resolve not to stay home from work today!), so other than what's in this thread so far, I can't help with any tips yet. But, I'm going to make notes as I progress and will be posting any questions I have on this forum. There is a lot of experience gathered here and not just with the Yuneec platform. These are exciting times!! Brent
  12. Hello @SkkyView, you might want to check out some of these sites It's a list compiled by an insurance provider that provides some discount insurance for members of COPA (Canadian Owners & Pilots Association). But there are others. This was just an example of one resource. Evaluate them closely in relation to your needs and expectations. There are some that offer the 'minimum' requirements for operating under an SFOC Exemption and others that offer that and a more in depth course that covers the 'minimum' knowledge requirements for obtaining a SF
  13. Thanks @JTBrn for that info. With that in mind, I downloaded the software, and noted the file size did not match. I downloaded again and this time it did match the 107mb advertised size. I unzipped it and it installed properly. i guess I have no choice but to order the dongle now . Thanks again. Brent