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  1. How can I estimate the propagation loss between an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone, and user equipment (UE) on the ground? is it safe to assume a line-of-sight scenario? how about the drone's altitude? is there a specific air-to-ground formula I can use?
  2. I want to map these river geoforms with as little subjectivity as possible. I have a high resolution DEM generated by drone data.
  3. We are looking into using drones to acquire ground data for accuracy assessment of Sentinel-2 Imagery. We would like to know if anyone has done this before or if you could point us in the direction of papers that have done this kind of accuracy assessment.
  4. I am also waiting to get some answers from experts.
  5. I am using "DJI inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7" for aerial photography, aerial cinematography etc. You can see some works done by this drone from our website. I think this drone will be not bad for you.
  6. Here is some aerial photoshoot done by me. Please let me know how these looks like? And you can see my more aerial photography work from here:
  7. Please let me know if you are from Nederland!
  8. Welcome to this forum family!
  9. Hi there! Hope you all are doing good. I have a question, currently i am using DJI inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 for my aerial photography shoot. Which will be the best rather than this ? Please let me know !!
  10. Here is my answers : The drone we have: DJI inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 I have a seperate drone insurance its pretty expensive I don’t have a seperate liability insurance. We do have it for the filming from the floor but I don’t think this will work with the drone. You can check our website if you want to see the work done by our drones.
  11. Feeling good to know about your business, it's like my business 😉. I am also working with aerial photography, cinematography through drone. I am also a drone pilot and everyday i am learning how to fly my drone more professionally . My one advice is : First of all try to follow your country's rules for drone flying and practice more and more hope you will be the best drone operator in you country.