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  1. Hi Ben, it was a real head scratcher for a while, but another user sent me advice, it turned out to be a 'beginners restriction' in the programme , once I accessed the restriction on the phone and removed it ( only allowed flight distance of 15 metres until removed) the problem was removed and no problem since then,
  2. Can anyone help please, I am brand new to drones, but not to model flying. I carried out all the initial set up and flew the drone in line of sight with no problem, did some short video to the on board card etc. I purchased a used Huawei p20 smart phone to use specifically with the drone for FPV filming. they have been paired and the Holy Stone WIFI connection is good.(at ground level 1 metre range) At take off and close range out to about 10 metres I have full control, but at around 15 metres I loose Forward and Left direction control, as well as turning left or right, The drone will go up , down , backwards and move to the right, but thats all, I have tried it several times and every time its the same. If I bring it back and land, remove the phone and switch off the WIFI it will fly perfectly out to as far as I can see it . Also the first 2 times I used the return to home button (without the phone on) it came back and landed perfectly, but since then if I am out any distance from the take off point , and press return to home it just tries to land straight down, I have to fly it back above my head and even there it cannot find the take off point and just lands anywhere. GPS is on and there are normally 11 or 12 satellite contacts. frustrating and very disappointing from quite an expensive set up. Any advice please, thanks .😡