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  1. @Alan PerlmanThanks a lot! @Lana AxelrodThank you. Never heard about the drone film festival, but I will definitely give it a ago. Thanks for the advice. @John HenneseyThanks man! @James HonakerThank you very much. @Av8ChuckThanks a lot for the feedback. I'm using Premiere Pro but will definitely give it a try to color grade with resolve and try your suggestion. Yeah, after releasing the video I also recognized that it does not look that great on the phone. But maybe nowadays it would be better to grade it for the phone, since quiet everyone is watching almost everything on the smart
  2. Hi @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach! Thank's a lot, really appreciate it🙏 It's a 5" FPV quad with the DJI FPV system and for filming I used the GoPro 8😃
  3. Hi! This is a collection of my videos from my first 3 months of flying with my FPV drone. Hope you enjoy it😃 Would be great to get some feedback from other FPV pilots.