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  1. Thanks for the advice, I like the part about "I'm a student pilot.". I posed the same question on a Part 107 Facebook group. There were multiple suggestions, but one person pointed to the second bullet on the FAA page "Drones registered under part 107 may be flown for recreational purposes as well as under part 107." That's the route I'm going to take, register it as Part 107.
  2. Is this a common situation for a new part 107 pilot? I have a drone that I won't be using commercially for at least a year. I'd like to build up my flying skills with it. Should I just register it as recreation? Then, when I'm ready to use it commercially, cancel the recreation registration and re-register as part 107 commercial?
  3. I recently completed the training course and passed the part 107 with a 98%. I'm looking forward to reading through the forum and building on my drone knowledge.