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  1. Av8Chuck, Not sure I understand the your second paragraph. Just to be clear, I did indicate I was not an attorney which might suggest he consult one. I do know that I have owned a few companies over the years, S-Corps and LLC's. Either of these two entities would offer more protection in a law suit than acting as an individual. I just don't think anyone should be doing business in a commercial application without some form of personal liability protection.
  2. TSutts, I am not an attorney, however I have been in business for over 35 years. My Attny indicated to me that you have "no" protection from your personal assets if you do not have a LLC, S-corp or C-corp. If someone hires you, regardless of how much they pay you, and sues, your personal assets could be liable. I think it was good advise I received many years ago. This is a very crazy world we live in and no one has a crystal ball on how a situation will come out or what someone else will do.