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  1. Hello Connor, Obvious answer, could be many reasons - could you please provide more info. on the settings used, maybe show us an example? I don't know much about the Mini 2 but I would hazard a guess based off its size that the camera sensor is not as capable as you expect, even when recording at 4K.
  2. Awesome videos! Great quality, may I ask what drone you were using?
  3. I think the biggest hurdles are airspace and safety. The worlds airspace is so busy without throwing in new flying machines at low altitude, bad weather and [at least for now] who will fly them and how will it be regulated - will you need a pilot licence or will they introduce some new licence? Uber definitely bit off more than it could chew with their predictions, after all it is flying, even if it's based off a multi-copter design. In fact as everyone knows the multi-copter is inherently unstable and needs some nifty electronics to not fall out of the sky - now go put people in them . Obviously Airbus should be at the forefront of building a flying machine and how its integrates with current regulations/airspace, but this is certainly a new sector and will be difficult to predict progression without putting in the test flights first.
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience with obtaining drone insurance in Hong Kong? Has been like pulling teeth so far. Maybe theres an insurer you know of that offers insurance to other countries?
  5. Very nice! Are you working for a drone company in HK or the Gov. Department? I've just established a new business in HK for drone operations - would like to find out more