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  1. Hello everyone. I'm a GIS Analyst currently working for an environmental consulting firm but am looking to start a new venture with a friend here in southeast Ohio. Specific uses/applications are still in their infancy but ultimately we would like to leverage drones to capture imagery and use that data to model the environment and provide custom spatial products to future clients. As someone that's been working with spatial data for a while now, the potential of drones in this industry is incredible. Alan, I became familiar with your site after watching the Drones Flying Free webinar a few weeks ago. Thanks for putting together such a great resource, much appreciated! I am hoping to get some guidance from the you and/or the community on a few start-up topics, specifically related to the 333 exemption process. I'm sure some of these questions will be discussed and answered in the upcoming course you're offering on starting a drone business but, in the meantime, if anyone can provide their thoughts, experiences, etc on these two items, it will help me wrap my head around the process a little. It's my understanding that the 333 exemption can be applied to an individual or a company. If the company is not incorporated yet, is this something that an individual can apply for and then transfer to a company? Or would the best method be to incorporate first, then apply for the exemption as the company? On a similar note, if the specific applications and platforms are still unknown (or currently a list of potentials), what's the proper way to approach that in the exemption? Figure out those details first, or make a blanket list of possible applications/platforms that will be pursued/used? To give a little more background, we currently have one unregistered fixed wing plane outfitted with an autopilot system and a Canon Powershot...so, it's a DIY work-in-progress. Glad to be here!