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  1. Thank you, I appreciate all the tips and advice! As I might have already mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact me if any drone work opportunities may arise. I am also interested in collaborating, so I welcome any advice and/or leads on this as well.
  2. Thanks again for having me on this forum! I appreciate all the advice and tips. Please feel free to share any opportunities you may come across that might be a good match. I'm also interested in collaborating on drone work, and/or any training opportunities that might lead to finding new opportunities.
  3. Hi all! I currently live in Sacramento, CA and will potentially relocate to Phoenix, AZ later this year. I've got my Part 107 license a little less than 2 years ago after attending Drone Pilot Ground School - FAA Part 107 Test Prep & Training Course in 2018-2019. I've now also been flying my own drone for a couple of months. I have a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and also in Environmental Science, and recently I’ve been working as a Field Biologist in Northern California. I have a few years of experience in GIS and also extensive experience with Global Positioning