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  1. I’m 4.4 miles from the end of the nearest runway- a big 10,000 footer. The general aviation airport is very busy with over 400,000 takeoff and landings a year, pre-Covid. I learned to fly there and got my pilot’s license. I knew about the 400 ft limit. I thought I was required to get LAANC clearance, and I found it is really easy and fast. I usually fly much lower, like 1 to 3 ft off the ground, but thought the 400 limit would give me room if I decided to go up for some pictures - I think 300 is about the highest I’ve been. I agree, I will probably stop filing. I don’t pose much of a danger flying 1 ft off the ground - accept the drones try to land occasionally at that height - laugh. Thank you for your thoughts and advice!
  2. Correction, I used this site to get approval: https://airhub.airspacelink.com/laanc/
  3. Ok, I found the information on the automated approval system for each flight called, LAANC. I put in a couple of requests and got immediate response approving them. I used 400 ft altitude just to test limits for approval, the max offered on the system, and the limit was about 6 hours for a window of time, and drew a box on my backyard to define the boundaries. I was hoping to be able to enter multiple days, or put in a whole day, but at least it allowed me to save some of the entries and I can put them in for future dates/days. And I got email confirmation which were a little confusing since they used the standard aviation Zulu time instead of local time. I had to enter the drone model, Spark, and it didn’t allow me to enter my second model, the Mini, but it allows you to overlap requests so I can enter the Mini on a second request. One confusing thing, the FAA doesn’t seem to offer an automated system and it is done by private companies. I used AirMap.com.
  4. I want to fly in my backyard and I am in Class D airspace with a local General Aviation airport. Can I do this and do I need to apply, and where do I apply for permission? Most of the time I'm flying as close to the ground as I can and the backyard is walled in. I have a Spark and a Mini, and I paid the $5.00 to register. Thank you for any advice you can offer! - Dave