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  1. Im going to Train with this for a while and when I have a TWENTY Ill Spring for IT! But its Great that you can get in flight time before any real Damage could happen. Thanks Guy's ill work with this alot
  2. Has Anyone in the Civilian Combat Contractor's Sector: Conciderd the Possible use of these small FPV Unmanned Drones for Small Combat Unit Reconnasance ? In Places like Afganistan and Iraq these Drones Could Possibly Save Hundreds of Lives. The ability to fly close and observe the Enamy in tight area's Like Bagdad where the Fighting is House to House is a must situation. For the Small Unit to have a way to look around Croners of a City Block, or Fly high Above a Building to search for Insurgents or see whats around a Roadside or on a Hilltop could change the WAY WE Fight these New Combat Factors. The New Information and Combat Views that this SUARD Could Provide combeigned with with the GPS ability's and Better Night Vision and at the Prices it would be a Travisty not to Use Any Combat Factor to our Advantage . When I was a Tanker in the Army this could work to Provide Security without Presenting a HumanTarget and is Inexspencive. HobbyKing has an Awesome Kit for just ovet $50,Not Fully Loaded but a Realy Good Base unit that we Could Tweek just for this Type of Mission and Try to hit Something the Size of a Small Bat at Night with an AK-47 to Boot ! I Realy think that Weve just Scrached the Surface on how to use theese in Combat. Let Me Know what You Think. Romulas
  3. From Fabulas LAS VEGAS NEVADA!!! : Today During my Morning Coffee, CNN Reported a Possible Small Drone was used to attempt to Down an Airliner. This has caused Quite a Ruckuss in England. The owner of that Possible account should have known that no small Drone craft near any airport, which leads me to believe it was just a kid trying to get video of other aircraft outherwise it was a terrorrist and they failed .In either of the possibility's the Owner MUST COME Forward to Face the Music in order to prevent any confusion about the situation. If any evedence is found by MI-6 These Boy's Don't Monkey around these days and I don't want to have to have a Liscence for a toy,I can't afford my Hobby as it stands NOW!! This Negative use of a Toy has Possibly started an ALL OUT Ban or Registration of all small Drones, Look at what the Crown did with Gun ownership in th UK for exhample . The owner needs to come forward and appologise for this Accedent so the Entire world of Drone Sport is not punnished for this one persons mistake Romulas
  4. Thank You Uaviator I think that the Video on you tube was an Austrailian but not sure ,but thank you for the update on FAA rules in the U.S.. I still have a long way to go before I need to submit a FAA 333 form but I just needed to let you Advanced Pilots know about what's happening in the Community,and see what was being said about it. Thank.s again Romulas
  5. HeY!!! I came accross a new video on Quadcopers with FPV and this nice Gentleman Stated that a New Law ,FPV Pilots can no Longer use Full Screen Glasses when flying, You now can only have one screen covering one eye,or use full screen goggles and a Copilot to maintain Line of Sight on the quadcopter at all times. >> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  6. Romulas

    Blade Orientation

    Thank You Spitfire!! This is now going to change the way everything responds and now I need to learn to Fly all Over Again ! but I would never have known if it were not for you guys, gatta get some batteries and ill let you know how it goes .. Thanks again Spitfire
  7. Romulas

    Blade Orientation

    I was Scanning over a few articles and I was woundering about the CW/CCW Orientation of the Props on my WL Toys V959 quad , I notices that the angle of the blades. the upwards edge of the blades face out not turning in toward the front of the Chopper and Duhn! Duhn!! Duuuuhhhhnn !! IS this Why all of my props are wrong, and could this be why my Flying practice has been so Diffucult ? In reverse you might say!! WOWW!! How Embarressing! somebody please straighten me OWT! Please !
  8. Romulas

    New Drone

    Wow that was pretty kool!, does anybody know if this comes with night vision? A couple of websites Ive been scanning for the Best Bang for the Buck Hobby King .com the Prices vary and Ive never bought anything yet but in time I will ,this is on my wishlist.
  9. I woul like to learn to do that but, I woud like to shoot that at nite time summe or winter. but I have a long way to go before I need to worry about that, but its realy kool to see the possiblty's for securty alone
  10. Dear Brian I am Former Army Tanks to Be exact ,You are Learning what Tankers call switchology and you seem to have a great handle on it. Small Drones are a great way that us older pilots can get back in the cockpit again without suffering from the G-forces that would cause black outs and other problems. Ive been flying for a year now and Im still not quite at ease with the controlls and the art of what I was told by AirForce Pilots call Finness of Controls. Maybe when I can afford a Pro-Drone ill be ready by then till then Keep Smileing and Keep Flying
  11. Hey Freinds and Fellow Pilots And Hellow from Fabulas Las Vegas!! Im an old fart so I watch the Current events on the News ,But I just had to Shout Out about this !! the First SUAV delivery to a Residence was made on this day , and was a success, this means that the reality of the Technoligy is on the rise and Taken quite seriously as well as the Police Forces in Belgium useing one for the survailence of the local area during raids on possible terrorist appartments. We are the New Thunderbirds we will be the beginning of a new force of technologies that can and will save lives; gather evadence or whaever you can think of It is Cool to be a part of something this exciting !!! Romulas From Vegas
  12. How Do I Join ? Trying to find a newjob here in Las Vegas.
  13. Hello Everyone ! A freind got me addicted and I Now all you Certified Pilots there are a million an 20 questions! I have a WL-959 I have been crashing for a year, Tough Bird. and now I want to build a FPV, Lets see if I can start out intelligently can anyone tell me if a 3 leaf propeller provides more lift than a 2 leaf on a FPV 250 Frame ? I like the look but I need Power because I want to put 2 camras onboard one night vision for Nite Flying and one mabey HD for daytime opperations. and I want to add Infra Red led lights for my nightvision. Geuss what I know absolutely Nothing about This Whear do I start ???
  14. Hello Pilots ! I am new at this and have fallen in love with this!! I As I understand it the Flight Deck for us is 400 feet but you need to check the reg's in youre area and Be aware if you have an airport in your area of opperations, You wouldn't want to Crash in to a Cesna or a Hangglider. I havent earned my wings as of yet but in my view I wouldnt want my bird Confiscated or hurt someone by accident